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Now What?!? Self-Reflection Post-Pandemic

by | Jun 16, 2021

The pandemic has been curtailed. The crisis is over. Or is it? What have you learned from the past 18 months? Has this period of your life revealed anything to you? Maybe you realize now that you can survive change, uncertainties, fear, loss, and a myriad of other experiences and emotions?

My guess is that you’ve grown quite a bit. Yet, our tendency is to try and go back to the “WAY THINGS USE TO BE.”  I’m not even sure that is possible. Like the old saying, “You can’t put squeezed toothpaste back in the tube.” All of us, whether in our businesses or families, we are different than we were when this pandemic started. We’d all be wise to do some self reflection. Ask yourself:

  • How am I stronger?
  • How am I more resilient?
  • How am I more at peace?
  • How am I more healthy?

These questions push us forward. Before us is a brand new day. There are brand new experiences, brand new ways of doing things, and brand new hopes ahead of each of us. If we keep looking back we miss the possibilities that this day has to offer.

Yes, the pandemic has taught us a lot of things, including some painful lessons. I tend to believe a crisis is only a learning tool for strength and endurance.

So NOW WHAT? What is next? You get to decide. Rest assured, there are others who are willing to decide for you, and you can listen to their suggestions, thoughts or even facts. But, don’t forget to factor in your own experiences, your own growth, your own purpose and your own desires as you move forward.

Your perspective on things belongs to you. But, I can assure you that we are all better when we include all our perspectives in our next reality. Who knows? Your very perspective may be the one that moves everyone beyond the NOW into the WHAT could be.