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WORKSHOPS / The Behaviors of Inclusive Leadership

The Behaviors of Inclusive Leadership

Creating a truly inclusive team rests on the shoulders of front-line leaders. It is noble to expect that leaders will work to help team members feel included, yet we too often fail to train leaders in exactly how to create inclusiveness within their teams. This course is all about behaviors that drive inclusivity. It’s practical. It’s immediately usable. It’s desperately needed as a skillset.

2 hours or 1/2 day
Course Highlights

Course Highlights:
•. Participants will learn specific behaviors that contribute to inclusive leadership
•. The content gives specific consideration and adaptations for hybrid and virtual teams
•. Participants will learn to plan the activities of day-to-day operations to ensure inclusive leadership behaviors are demonstrated

After Completing this Course, You’ll be Able to:

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Recognize the mindsets and skillsets held by inclusive leaders
• Apply specific tools to create inclusion within teams and 1-on-1 with individuals
• Recognize which tools work best in which circumstances

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