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Leading Your Hybrid Team

The future of work is here and work-as-a-location is moving toward permanent and long-term work-from-anywhere practices. While work-from-anywhere-forever is an idea that conjures up visions of a flexibility utopia, leading a virtual team–or more likely a hybrid workforce–requires new leadership skills and new management practices. If you want a high performing team that delivers results in this newest normal, there are some critical approaches for leading you will need to adapt and adopt.

1/2 or 1 Day
Course Highlights

Course Highlights:
• Work is an activity, not a place--learn the importance of shifting mindsets from “hours” to outcomes
•. Practical examples of ways to engage teams across work locations (in office, virtual and both)
•. Relieve stress and pivot toward possibilities as you learn to manage teams in this next normal

After Completing this Course, You’ll be Able to:

After completing this course, participants will be able to:
•. Identify and deal with employee anxiety and distractions
•. Take practical actions to communicate expectations, show support and create accountability
•. Engage your employees across work settings

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