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WORKSHOPS / After Further Review: Leadership Lessons from Behind the Whistle

After Further Review: Leadership Lessons from Behind the Whistle

“After Further Review” focuses on lessons Dr. Lavon Gray has learned as a veteran NCAA football official, then transfers them to corporate cultures illustrating key leadership principles. Using personal stories, humor, interactive teaching, experiential learning and decades of proven leadership expertise, participants embark on a leadership journey giving them the tools they need to take organizations to the next level…all based on foundational leadership truths learned from “behind the whistle.”


Session 1: Game Administration – Skills that Keep the Clock Moving
  • People Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Expanding Your Communication Toolbox
  • Pursuing Excellence
Session 2: Called to the Sideline – Navigating Difficult Conversations
  • The Power of Persuasion
  • Active Listening Skills
  • 5 Approaches for Conflict Resolution
  • Tee It Up: Executing Hard Conversations
Session 3: Inside the Huddle – Building PowerHouse Teams
  • Keys to Effective Teams
  • Building Trust in High-Stress Situations
  • 7 Keys for High-Impact Meetings
  • It’s all about Execution
Session 4: Anticipate the Turnover – Mastering the Art of Change
  • Embracing Flexibility
  • Attitude: The 1 Thing You Control
  • Re-inventing YOU!
  • DefineYourTomorrow

As a highly successful leader in corporate, educational and non-profit organizations, Dr. Lavon Gray understands the central role of leadership in achieving organizational success. His professional experience, coupled with three decades as a sports official, provides a unique and insightful perspective on leadership in high- stress environments that operate with low margins for error. “After Further Review” has been developed from this context.

1/2 or 1 Day
Course Highlights

Session 1 - Game Administration: Skills that Keep the Clock Moving
Session 2 - Inside the Huddle: Building PowerHouse Teams
Session 3 - Called to the Sideline: Navigating Difficult Conversations
Session 4 - Anticipate the Turnover: Mastering the Art of Change

After Completing this Course, You’ll be Able to:

Key Takeaways:
1. Identify four steps to effectively resolve workplace conflict
2. Recognize five conflict resolution styles (Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode) and how each can be applied to different situations
3. Utilize the five steps of a collaborative problem-solving approach
4. Identify practical steps for leading challenging conversations as part of a conflict resolution process
5. Discuss the importance of relationships in navigating conflict and promoting a healthy work-place culture
6. Understand key concepts for to effectively manage change
7. Recognize and implement strategies for effective team-building

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