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PEOPLE / Samuel Jones, Ph.D., CSP

Samuel Jones, Ph.D., CSP


Dr. Samuel Jones, CSP, is a highly sought-after professional keynote speaker, workshop trainer and coach, and an award-winning entrepreneur who is best known for inspiring people to TransFORM NOW to win. His 20+ years of leadership in non-profit, educational settings and now as an entrepreneur has given him valuable insight into cultural stability and successful organizational frameworks. Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s degree in public relations from the University of Southern Mississippi, as well as a PhD in Educational Leadership from Mississippi State University.

As a member of the National Speakers Association®️, he was awarded the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP®️) designation, which is the speaking profession’s highest earned international measure of professional platform competence. Less than 17 percent of the 5,000+ speakers worldwide, who belong to the 14-member association of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) currently hold this professional designation. Sam is the first African-American in Mississippi (and 2nd overall) to have received this designation. He is also a certified success coach with Jack Canfield’s Success Principles™️ and in 2018, he was recognized as one of the Top Entrepreneurs by the Mississippi Business Journal.

As part of the Blue Hen team, Sam uses his experience to to help people enhance their work culture, improve collaboration in problem solving, and elevate their performance to win. He not only understands when employees suffer from resistance to change, but he also knows how to get them to invest in new methods for increased results. Sam’s unique style of sharing wisdom through storytelling and experiential learning activities leaves clients with memorable, actionable takeaways they can implement immediately. As a result of his expertise, organizations insist that they now have a deeper purpose in their work; attendees are engaged with focused performance; and their partnerships have been transformed into winning relationships.

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